22 Practical and Effective Activities For The Farmers in 2009
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22 Practical and Effective Activities For The Farmers in 2009
The Ministry of China Agriculture is going on to do 22 practical and effective activities for the farmers in 2009. These are the best and fastest important measures that the Ministry of Agriculture to thoroughly implement the scientific development concept, conscientiously carry out the spirits of Third Plenary Session of 17th of the Party and the Central Rural Work Conference, and to safeguard the interests of farmers, promoting agricultural and rural economic development. It is also the 8th year of the Ministry of Agriculture carrying out the practical activities for the farmers. Up to now , the Ministry of Agriculture has been finished 104 practical activities. The main target is specially to solve the most concerned, direct and practical problems of the farmers related with their living and production so as to make more farmers to be benefited; get effective project supports and pay more attention to the poorest areas. The 22 practical activities are specified as the following:

1. Training the farmers with new knowledge. We will carry out the new technology training projects for the farmers at more than 1,000 counties all over our country. We will implement the agricultural scientific and technological knowledge and practical technical training; carry out the Sunshine Project of transfer the rural migrant worker training. We will engage in the Farmer Sunshine Project to transfer the rural labors to the major grain-producing areas, the major labor exporting region, the poverty-stricken areas and the old revolutionary base areas, focusing on the trainings of those farmers who are willing to be employed out of his hometown, and those rural workers return to his own hometown; enlarge the scope of training; and make special programs for those who ask for particular training and special skills for a certain post or definite job. After the training, the labor transfer ratio will exceed 80%, and 5 million farmers totally.

2. Provide agricultural scientific technology service vehicles directly to the farm household for agricultural science and technology promotion sectors at major grain-producing counties. The Ministry will offer 275 vehicles directly to farmers, households, villages to provide education and training, science popularization, technology promotion and information dissemination services for the grass-root agricultural promotion sectors of major grain-producing counties.

3. Provide soil testing, fertilization and technical services for 150 million farmers free of charge. The ministry will provide soil testing, fertilization and technical services such as "soil testing, formulas, fertilizer, supply fertilizer, fertilization," for 150 million farmers free of charge, to promote the use of soil testing , fertilization technology for more than 10 billion mu. It will reduce the cost and increase the efficiency about 30 yuan per Mu.

4.Vigorously promote mechanization of rice production. The Ministry will set up 145 demonstration counties in 25 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) to conduct mechanized rice planting, technology training and demonstration; publish 60,000 booklets of " Guide Books for Farm Machinery Purchasing User "; train more than 290,000 farm households of big grain producers and farm machinery; subsidize the farmers who purchase the rice seedlings and harvest machinery to carry out the cross region planting, harvesting and plough by machinery operation. We will newly increase 8 million mu of machinery planting rice, the mechanized rice planting level to raise up 15%, rice machine harvesting levels to exceed 53%.

5. Promote conservative tillage technology. We will set up 134 demonstration counties with conservative tillage technology, to add an implement area of 1,000 mu in 23 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities); carry out technical conservative tillage training of 500,000 persons; publish, distribute the books and pictures of conservative tillage techniques to guide the farmer's application and study of conservative tillage technology. The farmers who purchase the conservative tillage equipment and implement the operations will be provided the priorities and preferential subsidies.
6. Carry out major technological processing of agricultural products to promote and docking activities. According to the major technical problems among the agricultural product processing industry in our country, we will select the sophisticated filtering technology, processing techniques and production equipments to promote in small and medium agricultural product processing enterprises so as to save the energy, reduce the pollution, improve the multiple utilization rate of raw materials and raise the products competitiveness.

7. Help farmers to improve their safety use of drugs. We conduct the farmers and pesticide salesmen to buy and use pesticide products scientifically, rationally; present 20,000 pamphlets of "Scientifically Select, Purchase and Rationally Use Pesticide " free of charge, 80,000 pictures of "Buy Ensured Pesticides Concise Wall-charts", 200,000 pieces of understood paper of " Identification of Fake and Unqualified Pesticides & Safeguard the Legitimate Rights and Interests ". Basically, every village has wall-charts, stores and shops have the manual. We will hold the scientific technical demonstration and training to ensure the safe use of pesticides. We will choose 13 counties where have the production bases of food, fruit, vegetables and tea and other crops in Anhui province to carry out the training activities and scientific technology demonstration to use the pesticides safely, set up the safe use of pesticides scientific demonstration area. The demonstration area is not less than 2,000 mu. in each county.

8. Propaganda and spread the knowledge of safe use of veterinary drugs among the farmers. We will strengthen the policy advocacy and management of veterinary drugs and its safe use popularization; access to the work of the aquaculture drug normative guidance, enhance the medication safety level of animal breeding; improve the ability of farmers and herdsmen to identify veterinary drugs; improve the popularization of the management policies of veterinary drugs to ensure the effectiveness of preventing and controlling animal diseases and the safety of animal products. We will carry out the popularization campaigns and propaganda activities for safe use drug in aquaculture scientifically to the countryside in Sichuan, Hubei, Guangdong, Shandong and other 11 provinces (municipalities); issue 10,000 booklets of "guidelines for aquaculture drugs" and other technical information.
9.Help the poor area to develop the pollution-free agricultural products, green food, organic food---"the three products". Have two training courses, and hold the training of development, authenticate, management and establish the bases of "the three products", free of charge, for 592 state supported poverty counties; set up 100 production bases of pollution-free agricultural products; 35 standard green food material bases at the state supported poverty counties. Zhonglu Huaxia Organic Food Authenticate Center will select 2 poverty counties to set up the organic agricultural product base as the testing project. We will carry out the preferential policies to use the trade marks.

10. Subsidize 5 million rural household biogas. We will strengthen the household biogas construction in the villages, planning to subsidize 5 million household, at the same time to support 1,000 large and medium methane projects with biogas service stations.

11. Set up the energy saving cooking demonstration project in the Tibetan nationality areas of Qinghai province and other 3 provinces. We will set up 32,000 high efficient energy low-emission biomass ovens for the farmers and the herdsmen at 38 counties of the Tibetan nationality areas in the 4 provinces of Qinghai, Sichuan, Gansu and Yunnan.

12. Go on with the implementation of "Using Machine instead of Ox" Project. We will strongly subsidize the provincial agricultural machinery at the schistosomiasis epidemic areas of Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Anhui, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Yunnan provinces. We will carry out the "Using Machine instead of Ox" Project and the agricultural machinery subsidize at the 164 counties in the serious epidemic areas.

13. Promote the straw silage. We will choose 70 cities and counties with abundant straw, animal raise tradition and potential developing ability to set up the straw raise livestock demonstration projects, newly construct the permanent straw silage silos of 400,000 m2, with the newly increased silage capacity of 350,000 tons, add 1,000 sets of straw treating machines, and train farmers more than 20,000.

14. Increase the fishery source to reproduce and release project. We will fully engage in and focus on the work of increasing aquatic organisms reproduce and release project in the areas of Heilongjiang River valley, the Huanghe River valley, Yangzi River valley, Zhujiang River valley and the 4 sea areas along the coast. We will reproduce and release 20 billion proliferation of various types of fisheries resources back to the water in 2009.

15. Continue to carry out policy-oriented fisheries subsidies pilot mutual insurance premiums. It will be increased the premium subsidies respectively 25% and 20% for total loss of fishing vessels and corpus Mutual Insurance and fishermen Mutual Insurance safety. We will choose the key coastal fishing areas for the implementation, actively promote the fishery mutual insurance work; more than 12,000 fishing boats and more than 20,000 fishermen will take part in the insurance at the pilot region in 2009.

16. Carry out the fresh and live agricultural products for emergent sales. We will hold many product sale and marketing docking activities in time to help the farmers to solve the problems of "difficulty in selling agricultural products during the producing season.

17. Promote the agricultural super-docking pilot activities. Guide and carry out the docking pilot project that 9 large chain supermarkets directly contact with 500 farmer marketing professional cooperation to supply and sell the fresh and live agricultural products, to promote the sales of agricultural products and raise the farmers' revenue income.

18. Continue to promote the "three electric devices combined in One Platform" project. We will make comprehensive utilization of television, telephone, computer and other information carriers, setting up the "three electric devices-one platform" comprehensive agricultural information service platform. We will newly establish 4 provincial level, 18 city and prefectural level, 68 county-level information platforms in 2009.

19. Improve the production and living conditions for the poverty reclamation farm. We will transformation the low-yielding fields of 180,000 mu at 52 poverty-stricken reclamation farm directly under the jurisdiction of the ministry and direct supply farms; build the road 83 kilometers within the farms; solve the drinking water problems for 33,000 people and 8,000 heads of livestock; provide fine quality seeds for 30,000 mu free of charge; train130 management staff for the poverty-stricken farm.

20.Carry out the repairing of dangerous house for the farm worker. In Heilongjiang, Guangdong, Hainan, Yunnan, Hailar, Daxinganling, six reclamation projects to implement the repairing works for dangerous buildings at the reclamation areas to improve housing conditions and living standards of workers.

21. Send books , newspapers and submitted ads to the farmers living in the poverty areas. We will send 20,800 copies of the "Farmer Daily" yearly to the farmers and herdsmen in poor areas. We will distribute 60,000 copies of "Farmer's Digest" magazines by the platform of "Farmer's Book House" in 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous region in our country. We will donate the agricultural science and technology books of one million yuan to the Farmer's Book House project; provide 15 seconds ads broadcasting every day, free of charge at CCTV7, the central agricultural program for some areas to help the poor. We present the year's "Journal of Agricultural Machinery Safety Supervision" for 200 agricultural cooperation organizations within the agricultural mechanization system.

22. Subsidize 3,000 fishing boats equipped with new walkie-talkies. We will choose 3,000 fishing boats to be subsidized and equipped with new walkie-talkies in Liaoning province, Shangdong Province, Hainan Province and Qingdao City and Ningbo City.

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