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We have collected some of the most commonly asked questions submitted by our customers. If your questions are not answered here, please feel free to Contact Us.
Q:- Can we mix different models and accessories together?
A:- You may mix different products or models in a single container but we would need to advise you on optimum loading and final capacity of your shipment.
Q:- Can I order a front loader or backhoe made by other manufacturers to fit with your tractors? How about other accessories such as tiller, plough etc?
A:- Yes, you can, you would be responsible for making sure the loader or backhoe was designed to be mounted on the tractor you select. Our 3 point system and PTO are designed to international standards and will accept all class 1 - 3 point implements.
Q:- Can I put my brand name on your tractor instead of your brand name?
A:- Yes. Many dealers sell our tractors with their own brand name. Some have design modifications to meet their unique needs. We welcome OEM orders. 
Q:- How do I visit you and the factory?
A:- You are welcomed to visit us and our factory at your convenience. We can pick you up at airport and bring you to our factory . Let us know your schedule in details so we can arrange everything for you. Normally you need 3 days for an adequate visit to our factory.
Q:- How can I become a dealer in my area?
A:- If you are qualified, you may apply for a dealership. We choose reliable partners for a long term business cooperation.
Q:- Can I get an exclusive right for your tractor in some territories?
A:- It depends on which country you are in. We have only 3 countries that have exclusive agents at this time. Most countries you can sell freely.
Q:- After payment, how long will it take to get the tractor delivered locally, in USA?
A:- For customers in the USA, normally 45 - 55 days after your payment, you can get the tractor anywhere in the USA. ( 30 days for manufacturing, 15 - 25 days for sea shipment and delivery)
Q:- Do you have hydrostatic transmission tractor?
A:- We are currently in development on a hydrostatic transmission and will make it available soon.
Q:- How do you pack the tractor? Are they fully assembled? If not, how long will it take to put it together?
A:- Each tractor is packed in a strong iron frame for secure shipping. The wheels, hood, etc are removed for optimum loading in the shipping frame. The first time you assemble one of our tractors, it will take 7-8 hours to complete using the instruction book supplied. When you get familiar with the process, it can be assembled in 2-3 hours.
Q:- How are the spare parts supplied?
A:- Each tractor comes with some free spare parts. Other spare parts out of the parts book provided with each tractor.
Q:- How do I mount the front loader? How do I install all wiring and controls?
A:- Please download Instructions for mounting a front loader M.S Word file format...and Electrical Drawings in .Jpg picture file format
Q:- I need to know what the shipping weight of the heaviest piece is so I can rent a forklift?
A:- 3000kg forklift

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