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All of our front loader are exclusively designed for different brands of tractor. Combined with true frame integration, gives your tractor/loader package with features that include:
Balanced front axle load
Tyre compatibility, fender clearance
Unmatched serviceability
Load and tractor stability
Reduced frame and structure stress
Ergonomic controls
Unmatched visibility
Our tracotr front end loaders are high quality, reasonably priced, and because they offer models to fit all the Chinese major tractor brands. These are great tractor front end loaders.
We are good at making loaders with structural integrity, ease of installation and removal, and simplicity of use, which makes a better quality loader than much of the competition..
Our loaders meet the needs of as many tractor model owners as possible. We make 20 different front end loader sizes to fit 72 tractor makes from 14 to 180hp. And the loaders come in 11 different colors to match most tractor makes manufactured.
Get A Loader Price Quote
For an exact dollar loader bid for your specific tractor with the loader equipped just they way you desire, please email us with your detailed tractor information.
Front End Loader Kit Specifications and Options
View the features of each tractor front end loader, its lift capabilities, lift heights, and loader options such as cylinder size, bucket size, control valve type; and larger loaders also offer optional pallet forks, bale spears, and grapple forks. Many of them comes with quick attach feature, and larger loaders also have fast attach buckets. The specs change so often that some of the chart may out of date. To be sure go to our website for update information .
Is Your Tractor Model Covered?
Visit the tractor brand and front end loader model list to see if we makes a loader for your specific tractor. If we do not yet have the official mount kit for your particular tractor model, and if you can order some considerable quantity for dealership, please contact us about creating the loader mounting brackets for your tractor. This custom option is only for tractor loader distributors or dealers.